Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not All About Most Wanted Job.

Key skill of any manager is to manage people, to manage human force in such way that he/she will get maximum output for the business. This also includes designing of many policies in company. Making sure that each employee or group of employees is happy with the work, environment, kind of salary they are getting, policies of the company.

Manager should understand that a person or a team (e.g. sales person or sales team) is something more than the Visiting Card. If people are happy with their work environment then there is sense of belonging which enables them to put good efforts. When company starts treating employee as a person then the shift in work environment starts. The urge, the sense in employee that he/she is more than simple employee for the company actually makes them feel good rather the salary only.

I feel this urge to do something different also motivates an employee to became entrepreneur, manager. All entrepreneurs have this urge that they are not just a human being and want a high salary job but they want to do something different by their own. They believe in making their own way. Its not all about the most wanted job, but it is all about going MAD to Make A Difference.

If any manager is able to keep “Make A Difference” feeling in organization then that organization is really going to make a difference.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being More Transparent

Management, Entrepreneur : Just be more transparent

Need of Investment to Entrepreneurs, making good sales, hiring good people or reducing retention rate in company all can be achieved by keeping one simple thing as bottom line i.e. "Be Transparent" , the more transparent you are as an individual or as an company the more people will be willing to invest in you. (Of course keep things simple, and some things unrevealed).

If work is only about the numbers then there is going to to be some problem!!! After some time people are not only working for money they also work for so called "Work Satisfaction", "Recognition", "Position" etc... To start new project if there is need of investment then being Transparent about the ideas make sense, since the person who wants to invest can trust on the business and so the company. But to maintain that trust one has to maintain the transparency. It is like a cycle, if one investor is happy, then he/she will manage to get more investment or investors if required. But other way round if we already have many investors and one of them is not happy because of non transparency in ideas, communication; then all other may turn out in same way and it can be dangerous for company or for individual.

Keeping things simple is what matters, if there is any mistake in business then be truthful; that is what will attract more investors, customers. Being transparent with customers also matters. Word of Mouth start working once customer is happy. Same applies to investors also word of mouth, one investor is happy, then he/she can get more trustworthy people to invest.

After all business is not only about, making money or increasing sales, its about getting good clients, making relationships with investors and customers, maintaining investors as well as customers.

Things just doesn't get over here, employees and promoters of business should also be in favor of business, to build the sense of belonging in employees management need to transparent in certain areas which is the subject to the kind of business.

Being Transparent make sense, and it works.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

After all Its not Magic...

A magical solution does not exist in Business. If one wants to drive business to make it more productive, one should have willingness to face tough realities and make tough decisions. Manager of the business needs guts to stick to BIG objective and confront other significant problem. Most of the people in the organization are going to have fear for the change, but this should not deceive managers from taking tough decisions. When the leader sticks to the BIG objective then people are bound to have resistance, people may leave organization because of fear.

It’s very important for any company to have people who understands BIG objective and have guts to stick to it. Employees who won’t fit for such culture will leave, shout; either the decision maker has to convince the idea or non fit people will leave the company, but this is the way it is, making organization more productive and developing culture should not be affected by the internal stress, which might not be good but if objective is clear then leader has to take some action to make it work.

There are many reasons why people become cynical in the company and don’t seem eager to take responsibility for the changes. This may be the result of over expectations from employees as well as from management. So to handle such thing leader has to take some creative action. Leader has to consider whether employees are disappointed by management in past, otherwise for new ideas they will not respond.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Effective Training ???

I have different approach about training....

I feel what we normally think is all about the traditional approach every one does that...

We normally check effectiveness of training; once training is over, which is not a good approach, means this will not give us right feedback, if training is not effective then we again have to start with new training session (waste of time, money and resources). Again after training if employees are not performing well then we have to ask them to leave.... To MUCH TEDIOUS process...

We need to take totally different approach...

1. Training should be like a game.So that people will start enjoying it, those who are not enjoying will automatically lose the game. People who are not able to play are looser so management doesn't have to give any explanation

2. since it is game total approach toward training is different, employees participate in it with more open mind. Open mind means they are ready to grab new ideas.

3. It has to be team building process, or a team building game, people in same team will remain in that team for some period because there is a rapo between team members.

4.Effective training should touch the bottom line of motive behind the training. Of course it will be different from company to company...

Training should be continuous process with small games... it should be simple....

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Thing Called DNA!!!

Entrepreneur has different views, different motivations, various ways to look at same kind of problem. I feel every entrepreneur wants to do something different in a different manner. Building his/her own way. If we just look at today's entrepreneurs they have came up with their own ways for business. Its like "I never bothered about how other people do the business, this is my way of doing business, and I will stick to it." Its non traditional way of thinking which actually motivates and helps entrepreneurs to develop their ideas.

The biggest thing for any entrepreneur while starting a business (after starting the business) is to maintain his/her human force, to make people stick to their business,ideas,concept for very long time. Getting good people in the start and keeping them with the business, in the business; whether they get good money or not!!!! Many entrepreneur have such people in their companies as a supporter, as investor, as employee, as business partner...

The tipping point is to "Identifying DNA of a Person", what is that which he/she wants to do differently. In fact what is that which excites a particular individual. It means not a good big salary checks, but things like stocks, sense of partnership, sense of leadership, sense of power and mainly sense of belonging. These things will change if organization becomes big. For start ups such things are identified in different ways; it depends on business.

Its what head and heart wants to do, so if there is a match between both then business growth, increasing turn overs are by products. Every individual has different likings so if likings are matched people actually starts enjoying their work. Enjoying work is what matters.So if one follows his/her heart-head then money will follow that person.

If we can't enjoy the work we are doing then there is something terribly wrong. The work and environment should be complementary, and no duel between two.

Everybody can't do everything, there is something called DNA
Anything can change, anytime, in any manner, there are all probabilities and possibilities,
so understanding work DNA matters!!!
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